Bayern München Sign New Coach

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FC Bayern München sign 33-year-old Julian Nagelsmann from RB Leizig

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With Hansi Flick leaving Bayern München in the summer after winning an incredible six titles in just two years, the record German champions have found their new manager in Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann. Nagelsmann, a native of Bavarian city Landsberg am Lech, became the youngest ever Bundesliga manager when he took over from Huub Stevens at Hoffenheim in the 2015/2016 campaign aged just 28. After saving the Sinsheimers from relegation he helped them finish in the UEFA Champions League places in his first full season as a manager. In 2019 he joined Leipzig, shaping Die Roten Bullen into a top Bundesliga contender while also leading them to a Champions League semi-final. His Leipzig side are currently second in the Bundesliga, trailing his new club by seven points. What do you think? How many titles will Nagelsmann win with Bayern next season? Let us know in the comments.

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Bundesliga 10 dagar sedan
At which second did you guess his name? ⏱️ 👇
Abril NST
Abril NST 4 dagar sedan
DDVB_Plays 4 dagar sedan
0:-16 seconds 😂
Zharfan Zaman
Zharfan Zaman 5 dagar sedan
1st second
B lol
B lol 6 dagar sedan
Alex Bucky
Alex Bucky 6 dagar sedan
Opi Id
Opi Id 6 dagar sedan
So awsome about drawing
Rihan abdul rahim
Rihan abdul rahim 6 dagar sedan
Bayern is so good that they sign whatever from their own league to make the bundesilag the best in Germany
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
The amount of people on here who don't know what's really happened is embarrassing yet posting comments about this and that and u couldn't b more wrong 😂
Leo messi 10
Leo messi 10 6 dagar sedan
I will hope better than hansi flick
Samuel Nugraha
Samuel Nugraha 7 dagar sedan
Bundesliga sign another Farmer league era
Atinder Singh
Atinder Singh 7 dagar sedan
Flick really won it all in a matter of months....
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Ye so what the squad won the trophies to if flick wasn't there they still probs would of won the treble
mohammed sameer
mohammed sameer 7 dagar sedan
bundesliga ❌ bayernliga✅
Mineismineokay_TPS 8 dagar sedan
Suarez 2.0
HASHEM AL AQARBEH 424 8 dagar sedan
Julian nagelsmann
Ndaru Arrow
Ndaru Arrow 8 dagar sedan
That is Improve Bundesliga is Bayer Munich Research and Development League (Players and Coach)
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97
Merwyn Joseph Alexander 97 8 dagar sedan
The bayern resident coach and a resident joker like thomas müller a great combo. He's the youngest coach of fc bayern but the players are slightly older to him
Snap 8 dagar sedan
Is this KSI’s brother? He has such a big forehead
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Ye good one when he's white
Victor Eke
Victor Eke 8 dagar sedan
I hope this guy makes Bayern flops cos they are op😭😹
Hello My Friend
Hello My Friend 8 dagar sedan
I like the alaba part in the outo.
ken kivuva
ken kivuva 8 dagar sedan
This is just pathetic.
R.A. Keyser
R.A. Keyser 8 dagar sedan
Danke Hansi! Mia san Mia.... Willkommen Julian
Muks Me
Muks Me 8 dagar sedan
Bundesliga or Bayernliga???? Cz they are buying the whole league lmao**
Maryan Ali
Maryan Ali 8 dagar sedan
Why did they sack Hansi Flick after he just won the treble and made Bayern recover so quick to win the leauge
Niihelos Che
Niihelos Che 8 dagar sedan
Yet there are few games left.. and they have already signed the 2nd position boss.. and their best defender.. Hurm..
Dj Gametube
Dj Gametube 8 dagar sedan
this means Flick will be dfbs coach.......
Arghya Dogra
Arghya Dogra 9 dagar sedan
And this ends next season's Bundesliga title race even before starting. "Well Done" Bayern.
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world 9 dagar sedan
Did Hansi Flick got sacked or did he just wanted to leave Bayern?
Gamer Muhib
Gamer Muhib 9 dagar sedan
Fun Fact: Neuer Is older than the new coach😳
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Mate we know how young nagelsman is
Sachu G S
Sachu G S 9 dagar sedan
His biggest accomplishment is the 8-2 win against barca 😌😌😌 - madrid fan
The Making De Moi
The Making De Moi 9 dagar sedan
What Byaern does to the rest of the team's in the Bundesliga is unfair competition.
Ibratlik 9 dagar sedan
Who is he?
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
If u don't know who he is you know fuckall about football
Justyna Sławińska
Justyna Sławińska 9 dagar sedan
Mohammed HUMAID
Mohammed HUMAID 9 dagar sedan
i thought bayern only signed the best bundesliga players. now they started to sign the best bundesliga managers
Rishi Kaushal
Rishi Kaushal 9 dagar sedan
Bayern would never be the same without flick
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Lol ye they will they was before and they will be after nagelsman is better option he is the next best thing
Krish Rao
Krish Rao 9 dagar sedan
Bayern make bundesliga a disgrace
vishal mane
vishal mane 9 dagar sedan
This is ridiculous one club absorbing all the talent from the league 😣
Kevin Ma
Kevin Ma 9 dagar sedan
As a successor of Hansi Flick, Allegri should be a great fit without transfer cost. Nagelsmann belongs to Bayern in the future. But right now, he coaches Bayern at the wrong time. I am afraid he will be sacked in the next 3-4 years when key players like Neuer, Muller, Lewandowski retiring.
greg32htown1 9 dagar sedan
Bayern don’t take a player this time , they take a coach lol
SpengLvrdOfficial 9 dagar sedan
Servus Julian
Raha Rahovsky
Raha Rahovsky 9 dagar sedan
Well hard to mess this up since players are moving and playing as one. Bayern squad is considered best in world right now. But lewy gotta step up he got record to beat. 😭
Zenaide celestino
Zenaide celestino 9 dagar sedan
Brazil hellou Bayer best da budesliga
493 9 dagar sedan
Nagelsmann... Good luck
Mohammed Hafeezulla
Mohammed Hafeezulla 9 dagar sedan
This guy is literally younger than Neuer.
Sporting Director
Sporting Director 9 dagar sedan
Bayern are dominating Bundesliga
Gabriel Bento #idk
Gabriel Bento #idk 9 dagar sedan
BossNai 9 dagar sedan
PLEAAASE!!!! Be good at corners!......
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 9 dagar sedan
Naggelsman isn’t a set piece taker
XcraC 9 dagar sedan
hansi pls go to totenham
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Omg u don't know nothing either he is going to Germany hence why this is happening..jeez
Zico Kohler
Zico Kohler 9 dagar sedan
Both Bayern and Dortmund will have new coaches next season
Sonia Pereira
Sonia Pereira 9 dagar sedan
inderjit chahal
inderjit chahal 9 dagar sedan
Bayern = Leipzig Looters FC
Zahraa Ashkanani
Zahraa Ashkanani 9 dagar sedan
Welcome Julian please take care of the team 🤍 Good luck Hanis you will always be in our hurt ❤️ The drawing is fire 🔥
Grogu Skywalker
Grogu Skywalker 9 dagar sedan
Oh my got it is adminho, the new coach
nevin paul
nevin paul 9 dagar sedan
Adminho who is the artist? The drawing is unbelievable.
Nasif Tahmeed
Nasif Tahmeed 9 dagar sedan
What will happen to my leipzig
Misala Pramenković
Misala Pramenković 9 dagar sedan
Is Julian New cocach of bayern m?
Guillermo Joaquín Bello
Guillermo Joaquín Bello 9 dagar sedan
So many salty Premier League fans that wished Julian Nagelsmann signed for an English club. Why should he do it? He's Bavarian a goes to the best club and team in the world and playing in the most entertaining European League. German talent should remain in Germany for as long time as possible. And these ignorant and hypocrital Premier League fans continue calling the Bundesliga a farmers league when the number of players from the Bundesliga to the Premier League has been immense in the last decade and continues every year. That doesn't make any sense. By the way, be thankful to German teams to make much better players the likes of Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham.
Veronica Trejo
Veronica Trejo 9 dagar sedan
Jesse Marsch to be Leipzig's new manager
Hagrid Bish
Hagrid Bish 9 dagar sedan
oh no...
Nipam Bora
Nipam Bora 9 dagar sedan
Adminho, who draw these portraits.
Kerala Boy
Kerala Boy 9 dagar sedan
Plz reply hi to me
Heung Min Son
Heung Min Son 9 dagar sedan
The Bull whisperer at Bayern, excited to see it I knew it as soon as this came out
MrHLM24 9 dagar sedan
Leverkusen: Ballack, Ze Roberto, Lucio Dortmund: Gotze, Lewandowski, Hummels Hoffenheim: Rudy, Sule, Wagner Schalke: Goretzka, Nubel Sttutgart: Ulreich, Kimmich, Pavard Hamburg: Olic, Van Buyten Bremen: Klose, Borowski, Ismael You See what they did there? They bought/got key players in short time, making the other teams a lot weaker. And with RBL is kinda the same now, Upamecano and Nagelsman (now they got a coach), will Bayern buy one more key player from Leipzig? Dont forget individual cases, like Effenberg, Elber, Pizarro, Podolski, Gómez, Mandzukic and of course Neuer
Subt4YOU! 9 dagar sedan
So lovely... The ART and the name. Whosoever loves soccer will see so many beautifil things with Nagelsmann assuming Bayern Munchen. The only other name i'd like, would be Erik ten Hag. I desire a great job for him at this new function with plenty of challenges! God bless you, guy!
Elias Vanden Broucke
Elias Vanden Broucke 9 dagar sedan
I think Julian can help this team a lot because he did a great job in the Bundesliga and UCL. Leipzig was in the group of death with PSG and Man U but they made it trough
Juan Martínez
Juan Martínez 9 dagar sedan
Esa liga es un robo descarado, el bayern es el que más despreciaba al Leipzig cuando subió a primera división y lo convenció a los demás equipos para condicionarlo de no fichar a jugadores tan caros y ahora ese mismo equipo se encarga de desmantelar su plantilla. Me das pena bayern 😒 That league is a blatant robbery, Bayern is the one that most despised Leipzig when they went up to the first division and convinced the other teams to condition them not to sign such expensive players and now that same team is in charge of dismantling their squad.
anal weed
anal weed 9 dagar sedan
Ffs hansi come back
Footstories Malayalam
Footstories Malayalam 9 dagar sedan
Bundesliga - The League of Happiness 😍
Daniel Weightman
Daniel Weightman 10 dagar sedan
0:00 I KNEW IT
Junior Silva
Junior Silva 10 dagar sedan
Most of Germany hates leipzig, but they love to hire team players, the world really turns. hahaha
Abdul Basith
Abdul Basith 10 dagar sedan
Nagelsmann will be a flop
子どもの頃の貴乃花 10 dagar sedan
Old Luca
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby 10 dagar sedan
This is Bundesliga, Bayern is the main club, every single one of the others is a feeder club for it.
JULIOadventuresTV 10 dagar sedan
bueno otra prueba más de bayern se refuerza con los mejores jugadores de la bundesliga, pero bueno bienvenido al bayern
Aditya Sreejit
Aditya Sreejit 10 dagar sedan
woah he got sacked?!? I didnt read the news yet!
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
No he didn't
Muhareb Hussain
Muhareb Hussain 10 dagar sedan
Sucking all the top players of other German clubs weren't enough, now they are sucking out their managers too. This league will forever be a monopoly.
ansu the beast
ansu the beast 10 dagar sedan
bayern casually getting one of the best coaches in the next generation.
Ali Hasan Ador
Ali Hasan Ador 10 dagar sedan
Signing of Naglesman as Bayern coach might be a crazy idea!
Michael 10 dagar sedan
Thanks alot for leaving us nagelsmann🙄🙄🤦🏽‍♂..... If its not our key players leaving its nw the manager 🤦🏽‍♂
solomon mikiyas
solomon mikiyas 10 dagar sedan
though he would come to spurs!
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Haha ye right
Bayern Roma
Bayern Roma 10 dagar sedan
Julian is a good coach, but firing Hansi and appointing Julian is crazy.
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
That's isn't what happened atall
Sepehr Rastani
Sepehr Rastani 10 dagar sedan
Although It's really sad that Hansi Flick won't be coaching Bayern, I hope Julian Nagelsmann has a really successful time at Bayern.
Prince K. Jonathan
Prince K. Jonathan 10 dagar sedan
Bayern sign players to weaken the opponent now they go for the best opposition coach. Am sick🙄 of Bundesliga
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
Do u even know wtf u are talking about
Carlos O
Carlos O 10 dagar sedan
If you can't beat them just join them!!!
Atılay Helvacı
Atılay Helvacı 10 dagar sedan
Leonardo López
Leonardo López 10 dagar sedan
wallpaper 2a
wallpaper 2a 10 dagar sedan
I'm OK with Julian Nagelsmann becoming a coach for Bayern but i'm NOT ok with Upamekano taking over Boateng's position next year!! Also i was hoping that Bayern would purchase Benjamin Henrichs next year instead of Upamekano! I'm beginning to lose interest in Bayern as my fav team.....they're moving further & further away from what they used to be & that's a major disgrace!
Lord Bendtner
Lord Bendtner 10 dagar sedan
The artist is as talented in painting as Nagelsmann is in management.
Nitin Kr
Nitin Kr 10 dagar sedan
Why all Bundesliga clubs give their best players and coaches to Bayern Munich? They want to win something or not!
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 10 dagar sedan
Must be very difficult to figure out who will win he Bundesliga next season
Harsh Pande
Harsh Pande 10 dagar sedan
Imagine if him winning all what hansi won with us would be madness.🔥🔥
Ben Watkins
Ben Watkins 6 dagar sedan
He wasn't even there long mainly down to a great squad
Patrick Quillupangui
Patrick Quillupangui 10 dagar sedan
Gregorius Rex
Gregorius Rex 10 dagar sedan
That's a lot of pressure
Filip Dudziński
Filip Dudziński 10 dagar sedan
Awesome or random staff
Awesome or random staff 10 dagar sedan
Imagine this all started cause dortmund fired there coach and it created a domino effect of german clubs of poaching coaches from rival clubs
Sherman Richardson
Sherman Richardson 10 dagar sedan
Hanin Salloum
Hanin Salloum 10 dagar sedan
Welcome Julian good luck in FC Bayern Munichen. We thank you for everything you did it...hansa flick we will not forget you😉 you are in the heart HANSI.... I'm sure you had a many happy days with Bayern.. Hopefully in the national team❤
Ryan 10 dagar sedan
Guys, we shouldn't forget the fact that Dortmund also get Klopp, Tuchel, and Rose from Bundesliga teams. In the end, it's no different.
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 10 dagar sedan
100 % it's a great league but it's 100 % a farmers
harvey potter
harvey potter 10 dagar sedan
Who draws these?
jromero 177
jromero 177 10 dagar sedan
Bayern just do better business, can't blame bayern for other teams performances ... and you can say that bayern our taking rivals players and managers but anyone who really watches the league knows that bayern aren't the only ones who do that, adi hutter from Frankfurt is joining gladbach and Marc rose from gladbach is joining dortmund... even if bayern is far from the others, you can't say is not competitive when 4 players in the league have 20 or more goals this season in the league and when it comes to assist 6 players have registered 10 or more assist this season.
It's just Moses
It's just Moses 10 dagar sedan
He looks like Sebastian Vettle
Yacob Moutachakkir
Yacob Moutachakkir 10 dagar sedan
Is a wonderful coach, i like him
Rifky Nur Ikhsani
Rifky Nur Ikhsani 10 dagar sedan
Bundesliga becomes "Bayernliga"
David Bass
David Bass 10 dagar sedan
The drawing looks more like a mixture of Lucas Hernandez and Kimmich.
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