Top 10 Best Goals April - Vote For The Goal Of The Month

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Vote for your Goal of the Month for April!
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The run-in to the end of the campaign - goals are never as important as in the final phase of a Bundesliga season. And for us, it’s all the more enjoyable if these goals are not only important, but also beautiful. Enjoy the best goals from April with super strikes from Erling Haaland, Giovanni Reyna and Lucas Alario. Which goal is your favourite? A powerful drive from long distance, an elegant solo run with a clinical finish or a risky first-time effort? Let us know in the comments!
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Enjoy the top compilations of the Bundesliga stars and let us know what you think of our selection. Is there anything you’d like us to know? Leave us a comment! The Official Bundesliga SEmost channel has much more to offer! Subscribe now and visit us at to enjoy more great Bundesliga action!

blue line
blue line 7 timmar sedan
Nadim Antoun
Nadim Antoun 2 dagar sedan
Nadim Antoun
Nadim Antoun 2 dagar sedan
Mr. Plant
Mr. Plant 2 dagar sedan
#DUDA amazing goal
Kevin_SK 3 dagar sedan
Kevin_SK 3 dagar sedan
#DUDA bcs i am from Slovakia lol
Kuba Szczytkowski
Kuba Szczytkowski 3 dagar sedan
Reyna & Olmo, this is magic!
Dex Bradley
Dex Bradley 3 dagar sedan
Duda goal is the best
A9 craft
A9 craft 3 dagar sedan
Zach Richardson
Zach Richardson 4 dagar sedan
#Haaland or #Reyna just cos I love bvb lol
Zach Richardson
Zach Richardson 4 dagar sedan
How do we vote
Anupam Ghosh
Anupam Ghosh 4 dagar sedan
Jari 4 dagar sedan
Håkon Stangnes
Håkon Stangnes 4 dagar sedan
Valentín Tapia
Valentín Tapia 4 dagar sedan
Adwoa Sarpong-boateng
Adwoa Sarpong-boateng 4 dagar sedan
Máté Majlinger
Máté Majlinger 4 dagar sedan
Fiona Russell
Fiona Russell 4 dagar sedan
Mohammedpep 4 dagar sedan
#SKOV wow what a goal
Tiax03 5 dagar sedan
#Duda what a goal! #Embolo why is nobody talking about this? It was a great team goal #Skov Obviously #Reyna the power
Kjeld Schollink
Kjeld Schollink 5 dagar sedan
A Paul
A Paul 5 dagar sedan
#Duda what technique to take that first time
YeahBear 5 dagar sedan
Steve Sam
Steve Sam 5 dagar sedan
sajad_04 5 dagar sedan
Leo Och
Leo Och 5 dagar sedan
#Duda The Best Goal
king louie
king louie 5 dagar sedan
#SKOV Or #Duda But I'm gonna go with SKOV
FewGrain 42
FewGrain 42 5 dagar sedan
Mahmoud Alaa
Mahmoud Alaa 5 dagar sedan
abdllah ayman
abdllah ayman 5 dagar sedan
prem upadhyay
prem upadhyay 6 dagar sedan
Jakub Nocoń
Jakub Nocoń 6 dagar sedan
Andrew Preusser
Andrew Preusser 6 dagar sedan
cazterk 6 dagar sedan
Dedy Purwono
Dedy Purwono 6 dagar sedan
#DUDA is wonderful 👍👍
LST 6 dagar sedan
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk 6 dagar sedan
J6er 6 dagar sedan
Greninja 56
Greninja 56 6 dagar sedan
West Mawethu
West Mawethu 6 dagar sedan
Harald Stelzner
Harald Stelzner 6 dagar sedan
anh tran
anh tran 6 dagar sedan
Md mathin Hasan
Md mathin Hasan 6 dagar sedan
# baku
Jillian Doyle
Jillian Doyle 6 dagar sedan
No space
gͥhoͣsͫt 6 dagar sedan
frick i can't decide... #Duda #Reyna #Skov
Alvi The gamer
Alvi The gamer 6 dagar sedan
#Reyna Wow that almost broke the net
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira 6 dagar sedan
Haaland,Skoiv and duda it was the most beautiful
Miroslav Říha
Miroslav Říha 7 dagar sedan
zsombor lászló
zsombor lászló 7 dagar sedan
I'll go for #Duda
Ecstasy Melophile
Ecstasy Melophile 7 dagar sedan
#haaland ,#reyna and #skov
Alix Sthilaire
Alix Sthilaire 7 dagar sedan
Alix Sthilaire
Alix Sthilaire 7 dagar sedan
717 DEVIL 7 dagar sedan
Habu,Skov,Haaland haves for me the best goals!!🔥
Skyl3rX 7 dagar sedan
Vincent Schuster
Vincent Schuster 7 dagar sedan
Ajwath boy
Ajwath boy 7 dagar sedan
Ben McKenzie
Ben McKenzie 7 dagar sedan
#reyna #scov
Siva United
Siva United 7 dagar sedan
#Skov Rocket Central
Ashley 7 dagar sedan
Ondrej Duda best goal 😍👍🔴⚪️🐐 #Duda
Scott Seile
Scott Seile 7 dagar sedan
Scott Seile
Scott Seile 7 dagar sedan
Scott Seile
Scott Seile 7 dagar sedan
Anthony Hidalgo
Anthony Hidalgo 7 dagar sedan
Adam Mahjoub
Adam Mahjoub 7 dagar sedan
Galym Nagimov
Galym Nagimov 7 dagar sedan
ísak m.
ísak m. 7 dagar sedan
Henry Oduro
Henry Oduro 7 dagar sedan
Bundesfilia 7 dagar sedan
#Duda surely
Odhran Kennedy
Odhran Kennedy 7 dagar sedan
Abdirahman Muxidin
Abdirahman Muxidin 7 dagar sedan
ryan fitrandy
ryan fitrandy 7 dagar sedan
James DeSkilla
James DeSkilla 7 dagar sedan
Anonim Anonimowy
Anonim Anonimowy 7 dagar sedan
#Duda and #Skov
BatGuy500 7 dagar sedan
#Skov that strike was so pure
Ignacio Díaz
Ignacio Díaz 7 dagar sedan
Justin Moran
Justin Moran 7 dagar sedan
just jam
just jam 7 dagar sedan
Beef 7 dagar sedan
Mostafa Khaled
Mostafa Khaled 7 dagar sedan
#Reyna #Haaland #Duda #Skov
Rodrigo Realista
Rodrigo Realista 7 dagar sedan
Duda, Huntelaar or Skov
Yusuf Avcı
Yusuf Avcı 7 dagar sedan
Йохан Кройф
Йохан Кройф 7 dagar sedan
ELO TUBE 7 dagar sedan
@halland & @skov
Aadhithya MR
Aadhithya MR 8 dagar sedan
Arunavo Naskar
Arunavo Naskar 8 dagar sedan
Gio Reyna👌👌👌👌👌
Frederik Overgaard Larsen
Frederik Overgaard Larsen 8 dagar sedan
Wojciech Bobowicz
Wojciech Bobowicz 8 dagar sedan
TekkBoi 8 dagar sedan
Ayesha Pathan
Ayesha Pathan 8 dagar sedan
#Haaland My inspiration for striker Gooooooooal
Στέφανος FC
Στέφανος FC 8 dagar sedan
#Skov ☄
Sinisa Mladenovic
Sinisa Mladenovic 8 dagar sedan
#REYNA what a half volley and an equaliser
Snervat ?
Snervat ? 8 dagar sedan
Schmiðt Balach
Schmiðt Balach 8 dagar sedan
#Duda for the win, but Reyna and Skov are very close
False Alarms
False Alarms 8 dagar sedan
#skov #duda
Lewandowski9 8 dagar sedan
আমি অসমীয়া
আমি অসমীয়া 8 dagar sedan
Filip Urbańczyk
Filip Urbańczyk 8 dagar sedan
Soma Debreczeni
Soma Debreczeni 8 dagar sedan
#SKOV omg what a goal🤩
Andras Kelemen
Andras Kelemen 8 dagar sedan
#Embolo What a team goal! It was like a video game.
Naif Washit
Naif Washit 8 dagar sedan
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